Timeline + Info


Available Positions:

Nominations for available positions will open from October 2024 onwards.

Letter of Support

Two letters of support should be completed following the completion of your nomination. These should not be completed by the nominee. Only letters of support for the specific year of nomination will be considered. Letters of support should be provided by individuals with personal experience of the nominee’s research/conservation activities.

A template for a letter of support can be downloaded here. Once complete, they should be emailed to the Nominations Committee.

Additional Information:

To assist in the nomination process, the Nomination Committee provides the following suggestions for preparing your nominations:

  • Provide clear and accurate information.
  • Letters of support should explain the relationship between the nominee and the referee.
  • Explain how the nominee’s contribution fits within the context of those they work with – often achievements are collaborative, but individuals can still make a significant individual contribution.
  • A nominee’s biographical information should not exceed 250 words.