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ISTS announces Sea Turtle Talks Virtual Event

The ISTS is excited to announce the launch of Sea Turtle Talks, a virtual event to be held 14th - 16th September 2021, with the goal of re-connecting the global sea turtle community in advance of the 40th International Sea Turtle Symposium (ISTS40). This event will provide new, informal opportunities and discussions to learn about sea turtle research, conservation, and management around the world.

This three-part virtual event consists of:

(1) Twitter Talks (14th September): a day-long Twitter conference showcasing sea turtle research, conservation, management, outreach, and artwork from around the world. We highly encourage participation of students, artists, and members of the sea turtle community who wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to present at ISTS.

(2) Rehab Chat (15th September): a 1–2 hour planning meeting for the ISTS40 Medicine, Rescue, and Rehab Workshop.

(3) Panel Discussion (16th September): a 1–2 hour Zoom discussion focused on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on sea turtle research and conservation globally.

Separate registration is required for each event.

Key Dates:

  • 19th July - 15th August: Registration open for Twitter Talks
  • 16th August - 2nd September: Registration open for Rehab Chat and Panel Discussion
  • 6th September: Program released to registrants and the public (on the Sea Turtle Talks website)

Learn more here or follow us on Twitter for updates! @SeaTurtleTalks

The Sea Turtle Talks Organizing Committee

Néstor Dávalos, Daniela Freggi, Marco García Cruz, Erin McMichael, Alejandra Morales Mérida, Matthew Ramirez, Miguel Reyes López, Sibelle Vilaça, Sean Williamson