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ISTS announces Innovation Grants Program for 2023

The ISTS Innovation Grants Program facilitates the development of new tools and resources that will help ISTS members and the broader sea turtle community mitigate threats to sea turtles and address their conservation needs. Outcomes of the Innovation Grants Program will help achieve the ISTS vision of globally robust populations of sea turtles fulfilling their ecological roles within a healthy environment, in harmonious coexistence with all Peoples.

The program has a total of US $6,000 for grants of up to US $2,000 each to support projects aimed at developing practical tools, resources, and approaches that will address threats and conservation needs of sea turtles. Supporting projects that might not be funded by other grants programs and building capacity for local initiatives are also major aims of the program.

All current members of the ISTS who have paid the annual membership fee can apply for the ISTS Innovation Grants Program.

Individuals or groups (communities, school groups, fisher's associations, cooperatives, NGOs, etc.) can apply as long as the proposal is submitted by an active member of the ISTS, who will be responsible for the project.

For further information, see here. To apply, please follow the instructions on this application form.