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Volunteer for ISTS40

Volunteering at ISTS40 will be a great way for you to meet and connect with fellow delegates from around the world who share the same passion about conservation, science, turtles and their protection. If you would like to Volunteer at ISTS40 then please complete this form.

If you have any questions or need for further information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

The following tasks and activities require volunteer assistance:

  • Live Auction: Assist with Live Auction setup, help with displaying items, collecting donations, distributing items, make sure all items are paid for and funds collected, pick up trash, props and help re-organise chairs or tables.
  • Registration Desk: Check-in registered delegates, accept and process payments from day registrants, and distribute delegate packs. This task requires familiarity with computers.
  • Volunteer/Information Desk: Assist and direct other Volunteers and allow people to sign up to Volunteer for empty slots or as back-up Volunteers. Also provide contact information for organising committee members, and general information about Perth. Prior attendance at ISTS meetings and general knowledge about Perth would be helpful, but not required.
  • T-shirt sales: Sells and processes payments for ISTS40 T-shirts. Requires familiarity with computers, ability to handle cash, and balance a cash box.
  • Delegate badge check: Monitor entrances to the ISTS40 facilities including the presentation and poster rooms. You will need to ensure all people who enter are registered participants and are wearing/displaying their delegate badge as proof.
  • Speed chatting & sign up: Assist delegates with signing up and paying for the speed chatting activity.┬áThis will be cash-only with no computer involved. During the event, you will help participants find their tables and the experts they are scheduled to chat with.
  • Poster and Exhibitor/Vendor set-up: Assist presenters find their poster spot and help them hang their poster/take down poster. Assist Exhibitors/Vendors find their spots and help them set up if needed.
  • Oral sessions: Help session moderators as needed, such as with timing talks, and passing the microphone around for questions.
  • Workshops: Making sure all people who enter workshop rooms are registered participants. Assist in collecting registration fees from walk-in participants.
  • Silent Auction: Help place item donations and make sure each item has a bidding sheet. Monitor bidding and make sure room and items stay organised. Once auction is closed, help distribute items and collect funds from winners.

Student Evaluators

Students will travel from around the globe to present their research at ISTS40. Evaluations provide students with insight on how to improve their research and presentation skills, ultimately enhancing the professional strength of the overall sea turtle community. If you would to receive feedback on your presentation or volunteer as a Student Evaluator then please select the check box at registration.

We strongly urge all ISTS40 attendees with a well-defined area of expertise to volunteer for this activity. Students can also sign-up to be evaluators, thus promoting peer-to-peer development. Each evaluator is assigned a maximum of five works trying to allocate them within the sessions they are planning to attend. Furthermore, if the evaluator is also an Archie Carr Award judge we can assign them the same works.